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How It All Came Together

Where Pizza And Community Come Together

How It All Came Together

I could write for days about all the events that lead up to that magical March 12th day. But who has time for that!?! I’ll stick to all the fun parts (well, mostly fun parts).

I (Matt, the owner of the shop and writer of this blog), have always looked at and seen things from a different perspective than most. While most would admire the art, the color, or taste of a product, I would analyze ways to make that product more efficiently and the best way to get it to the market to sell the quickest. Needless to say, this doesn’t really make you the most popular kid in school, but it certainly does make you realize you have a knack for business. This knack never went away and being a business owner was just something that I wanted to make happen.

Becoming a business owner was a goal I set in high school. Goal setting has always been important to me, and shooting for big goals is simply in my DNA. I knew it would be a crazy journey to get there, but I was willing to put in the work.

I’ve only had a 2 full time jobs in my lifetime. My current job at the time I had held for 8 years. A career in corporate America filled with more success than I would have ever believed I was capable. What I had learned during this time period was incredible and I started to get the feeling that “It was time.” One of the things I’ve always said is “I don’t care what the business is, as long as it’s a good investment I’ll go for it.” As for It’s A Good Pizza, well, let’s just say that never came up in any conversations, and was never on my radar. Hell, I know nothing about pizza, except that it taste really good.

One afternoon, I was having conversations with co workers, like any other day. Except this time, a conversation would come about that would ultimately change lives forever. Dave (Who you will hear more about later), came up to me and said “Hey, you know that It’s A Good Pizza is for sale right?” Now, we live right down the road from this place, so it was a pretty neat concept to consider. I came home, and in a very non-chalant way told my wife “Hey, I heard that pizza place that you love down the road is for sale.” Well, what happened next made things really interesting. She immediately loved this idea and told me to find out more information. Now, keep in mind, I’m a visionary type of guy and spend most of my time in the clouds thinking of endless amounts of possibilities and she hears about new ideas on a regular basis. This one was different.

I took her advice and followed up.

What would happen next would be a whirlwind 4 month experience. There wasn’t a day that went by that I wasn’t faced with a new adventure. From meeting with the current owner and discussing the financials, to meeting with lawyers, to accountants, and lenders. Things started moving at quite a pace all the while still balancing my current work position that had high demands at the time. An experience that certainly tested my will, but one that would have a beautiful ending, when all that hard work paid off.
On that March 12th day of 2015, when we sat in the attorneys office for hours signing paper work that was stacked up past my knees, feeling like I basically signed my life away, we officially became the new owners of It’s A Good Pizza!

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