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The Transition

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The Transition

The hype part is really fun. Sitting around the fire dreaming of all the possibilities on how to build up your own business. Just imagining how to make an impact to the community. Let’s just say this. The dreaming part was fun, the reality part was a rollercoaster that just won’t stop 🙂

We walked out of that lawyers office on March 12th ecstatic, hopefully, proud, excited. The weeks to come would be an absolute blur. Having a full time job and making a transition as a new business owner was an experience I’ll never forget. The phone calls were abundant and simply non stop. Dave and I must have talked with each other 14 times a day for 2 weeks. There were many late nights. When your surrounded by a guy like Dave (The guy who runs the shop), he basically does not have an off switch. I swear, he would have worked 24 hour shifts forever if I would have let him. We thankfully had 30 days of on boarding from the previous owner to give us the opportunity to lock down the routines of the business, from morning prep, to perfecting menu items. We also had to learn our own point of sale system. Heck, with the menu items as abundant as they are, something as silly as learning the prices took some time. The one thing that was simply amazing to me was how fast sales guys moved. It was incredible how many calls came in about offering different products and services once people found out there were knew just days …I absolutely loved the grind these guys were putting in and trying to make it happen.

As pieces started to come together and the building starting to take shape and the room around us started to brighten, so did we. We could see this place becoming our own and we knew we were just getting started in creating something very special.

Here’s what I learned. No matter how fast, crazy, wild or hectic things got at any one time, I was prepared to handle it, and it was worth it. This was my business now and failure wasn’t an option. I realized that I would get the test and the challenge that I was looking for. I knew deep down that as long as I stayed true to myself and always remembered the core of my vision (For my life and the business) not only would we make it just fine, we would start to make a difference, just like I have always imagined. The vision is simple, be kind to others, and anyone that comes into our lives are better people because of it. That’s my motto, and one that I hope is seen throughout the shop when you stop by.

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