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Who’s This Dave Guy Anyways?

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Who’s This Dave Guy Anyways?

The shop needed someone to oversee operations, manage the staff, and help build the vision. Dave and I have known each other for years. We’ve always shared similar interests when it comes to vision and people. He just happens to have a great amount of experience in the pizza industry. When he expressed interest in owning the operations at the shop, it seemed like a no brainer. This is when things started to come to life.

Everyone knows Dave because of the atmosphere he creates inside that shop. I’m not sure there has been a time I’ve walked in when he is there and he isn’t yelling in a happy language (literally yelling). That upbeat, loud, uplifting attitude is felt by everyone. Now, let me be very clear about this, every single business owner NEEDS a Dave. He is the heartbeat, the face, and the reason that we have done basically everything we’ve gotten done. The coolest part about the setup we have, well, I’m the quiet one (really quite), and Dave, he is the exact opposite of that. He talks to more people than I know. It’s a perfect combination and we have learned to leverage each others strengths. I create the vision, come up with the ideas and he turns them into a reality. So far there isn’t an idea that I can come up with that doesn’t scare him or he can’t make happen. It just gets done.

If your a business owner, or aspire to be one, look much farther beyond the resume. Experience in any given field is great. But what really matters is how they treat people. How they earn respect from others. Being able to oversea operations or people or a business is about attitude and it’s about trust.

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