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The Big Day!

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The Big Day!

You know how when you have this perfect vision in your mind for how something will go, to turn out while its happening, its the exact opposite of how you imaged it? Well, that’s pretty much how this whole entrepreneurship thing went. I knew I wouldn’t be the one running the internal operations, Dave had all that under control. I would be responsible for all the “other” stuff. What could go wrong? Working a full time job, 3 young boys, wife, and now a small business.

Well, a little back story. I held my corporate position for a little over 10 years. We owned the Pizza Shop for about 10 months of that ten years. I realized early on in the entrepreneurship world that my little fantasy of balancing all of it was a little out of alignment. I knew something had to change. Now, it wasn’t quite that simple. Your talking a 10 year career, in line for job promotions to allow for even more security, full benefits, and perks that allowed our family to live the lifestyle that we desired. 2 incredibly important factors that needed to be considered. A job, that doesn’t offer fulfillment, happiness, or passion isn’t worth all the perks in the world. And that’s where I was. I knew there was more I wanted to accomplish, and so much more that I desired. More importantly, we have Caden. Caden, our middle child, whose now 5, was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 3 years old. His meds, the extra attention he needs, the doctors appointments to his specialist, the trips to the ER. How on earth can we find this balance? Fulfillment vs the care for Caden vs providing for your family. Let’s just say, in the words of Steve Harvey, I had to Jump! So I did!

I trusted in my own gut and knew that I had to go for it. With trembling knees, and basically in tears, I gave my 30 day notice, which would mark the end of this incredible chapter in my life. Caitlin (my wife) and I knew that no matter what, love would win, and we would figure it out. So just about a year into being business owners, this now became our new adventure! Our only adventure!

If you lack the passion and the desire to get up and go to work, if your not waking up and doing what you love every single day, change it! There is no amount of debt, or money, or fear that should prevent you from fulfilling your true desires! If you love it, do it! Go be afraid, trust me, it’s been the most challenging period of my life, but without question, the most worth it!

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