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Damn Wait Time

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Damn Wait Time

By now, we’ve all heard of the term “Hangry”, if you haven’t, well, try a fasting diet and you’ll know exactly what that term means. Basically when you combine hungry and angry the results are catastrophic.

I felt it was important to write about this today. There are so many things that are going great for us, and so many things we are excited about. There are, however, key areas of improvement that we must see in order for us to see the success we are looking for.

Without a doubt, wait times are one of those challenges. It’s a challenge we continue to work through today. Although it’s improving, we have plenty of room to grow. We are not excuse makers, we are problem solvers, and sometimes the solution just isn’t that simple. We have tenured employees who have been doing things a certain way for years, and new employees who are still trying to figure everything out. We also saw a dramatic influx of traffic during evening hours. It was a combination that’s been wreaking havoc on everyone. Trust me when I say this, our challenge points are not something we take lightly at all. The feedback we receive on a regular basis is absolutely what we need to learn and grow, which is exactly what we have been doing.

Through this challenge, it’s allowed us the opportunity to develop cohesiveness amongst our processes to ensure things go a little more smoothly during busy times. It’s forced us to evaluate everything from morning prep to taking phone calls, to when and how we man each station. We’ve been able to support our employees better by creating resources they need to make food accurately and the same way every single time. They are small changes, but necessary changes, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of everyone that comes by the shop. Yes, getting critizied hurts, and being told “We are never coming back” is basically a big punch in the face, it’s those exact moments that make us better, because we go back and figure out exactly what we have to do to make sure it never happens again!

I’ll end with this …Thank you for your patience, and understanding! Hangry is no joke and we fully intend to erase that word from the It’s A Good Pizza dictionary ☺

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