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The Feedback Hurts (But It Matters)

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The Feedback Hurts (But It Matters)

I felt prepared for the many many obstacles that we would face. In corporate America, when you oversee a staff of over 100 people, your constantly getting thrown into challenging situations. My position was basically putting out fires on a regular basis. Whether it be employee relations, customer issues, or a disagreement with HR, there were always aspects that needed to be dealt with.

This is different I found. When your employed, you have a job to do, and get paid to do that job. When you’re an entrepreneur it’s your life. The emotional involvement is at a much different level. When a customer tells you they hate you, you do everything you can to fix it, and move on. Now …well, it’s like a dagger to the heart.

You see, Dave and I meet once a week and talk on the phone on a regular basis. We build plans, we strategize, we follow up on different topics and issues. The one thing that is a constant is that we’re always talking about how we can improve, how we can make a difference, how we can give back, how we can do more. These meetings are often times filled with hope and optimism about our growth and impact. We pour our heart and soul into what we do to ensure that we are always doing right by those that we interact with.

Then, from out of know where. The meetings, the phone calls, down to the execution, all gets put into perspective!

BAM! A 1.0 review letting you know just how poorly you executed. Let’s just say, even after dealing with everything I have, I was not prepared at how painful that really is. Now, I certainly don’t want to sound dramatic here, and I’m not, this is simply perspective. Our core vision and values are to give back and make a difference. To know that we failed at this mission is a dagger we must accept. And we do. Quite honestly, it’s that type of feedback that fuels us to be even better. It keeps us in learning mode and allows us to improve. Our best changes have come from the moments that hurt the most, and to put it on record, we are thankful for those moments, after we quickly realized we never want to have them happen again 🙂

So yes, know that we listen and know that we hear you. Know that it matters. Also know that when you take the time to leave a review, with any business, it matters, probably more than you realize.

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