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What’s All The Commotion

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What’s All The Commotion

What many people don’t know is just how extensive Dave’s knowledge about dough really is. I mean, it’s scary what he can rattle off about this stuff. Most would think its useless knowledge, but when you own a pizza shop, its basically a gold mine.

After a year of learning the operations we felt like we were ready to make our first big move. We were prepared to take that dough knowledge and what we had learned over this past year and put it to the test. That’s when the expansion idea started to come to life. We basically wanted to create a production facility. It would not only provide us extra space to produce our current dough, which we already do, it would open up endless amounts of opportunities to produce anything we could think of. Not only that, we could produce at an incredible volume.

It’s incredible for such a small addition the amount of coordinating it took. It started with the permits from the town. Then we officially broke ground and the big machines went to work. We dug the whole and poured the concrete. The project was scheduled for about 6 weeks, it took us about 3 months :). In the end, we had our own ideas come to life. A state of the art production facility lined with 8 220 breakers for dough mixers and ovens. The staff also had an area where they could prep without being crammed into a small little space.

The vision for this expansion is a big one as we really believe gives us the best opportunity for growth. We’ll be working on our own bread line, pastry line, and allow us to look at catering, and getting out there in many difference ways we wouldn’t have been able to consider before! Stay tuned for exciting upgrades as we grow!

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