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It’s A Roller Coaster; Enjoy the Ride

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It’s A Roller Coaster; Enjoy the Ride

If I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned that basically everything NEVER goes as planned. We could have the best processes, the greatest employees, and the best plan of action and something will come up and create havoc. At this point, it is expected.

The biggest lesson for me during this adventure was to simply enjoy the ride, all aspects of it, not just when things are going good. I’ve realized that when things aren’t going as planned, or when you take steps backwards there are HUGE opportunities for learning and growth. That growth and learning is the exact thing that makes it worth it, and makes the good more abundant. The demands are plentiful, and the stresses can take over if you allow them too. From everyone wanting your money, an employee quitting unexpectedly, and wait times that are outrageous because you are short staffed. It all plays a part in the stresses and the journey.

If I keep myself in learning and growth mode I know that all those sales calls are from business people just like myself that are trying to make an honest living just like I am. I have to admire their grit for a job I couldn’t ever fathom doing. The employee who quits unexpectedly; well, there certainly is a why, and it’s up to us to determine how we could have fostered a more inviting environment for them to stay and have the desire to come back. No call No Show? Maybe we weren’t clear enough about the role EACH person plays in our vision and maybe that person didn’t understand how their individual contribution was vital to our success. When I look at it from that perspective, I have so much more room to learn, decipher, and move forward with ideas that will continue to move us in the right direction.

If you ever find yourself stressed or overwhelmed with your current situation, take a minute to put yourself in a learning mindset and try and understand the message that is being sent. A saying I came up with many years ago in my corporate coaching days that still holds true today “If everything is broken, there is only one thing wrong.” Just find that one thing that is holding you back amidst the chaos, whether the storm, and you’ll make it through just fine.

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