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2 Year Reflection

Where Pizza And Community Come Together

2 Year Reflection

As that March 12th day came and went for the second time, my reaction was about the same as year 1. It’s amazing how quickly time flies by. I wanted to reflect on an incredible second year we had.

1. Launch of our new menu: We knew that slow and steady was the approach we needed to win. Even coming in fresh and ready to make radical changes, there were some changes that needed plenty of time to manifest. The menu was one of them. We felt it was extremely important to establish a relationship first, so we did. We got to know our employees and just as important, we got to know you. We started to learn and understand your likes and dislikes. After a year’s time, outdated prices, and a menu that needed a complete overhaul, we did just that. This new menu was one that we could call our own; It was a clean, fresh new look, one that we were excited to launch.

2. The 2nd annual pizza-eating contest: Now, I made no secret in my year 1 reflection (Read Here) how epic I thought this event was. The fact that we were invited back was simply incredible. What made it even better? Well, a couple things. First, we had inquiries this year about the contest. So many wanted to know our stage time to ensure they got to see the action. How exciting is that? Secondly, we had a new champion who set a new record, finishing the entire pizza in under 8 minutes.

3. The new addition: The best part to this new addition was watching the kid’s excitement with each movement of the big machines! On the business side of things, we were taking a necessary leap into our future with this investment. The addition would be our production facility. Producing our bread, our dough, and any new items we come up with along the way. What we knew for sure when we started this project is that this addition would give us the opportunity to scale up our production and get our products out to a whole new audience.

4. Introduced Gluten Free pizza: As a family of 5 with an epileptic child, we have turned to nutrition to control seizure activity. We know a lot of about wheat, gluten, and many other aspects of health. Knowing how important Gluten elimination is from one’s diet (for whatever the reason), we wanted to offer a product that stood up to our reputation for quality. We believe we found it. We are very proud to offer this product, and we aren’t stopping there either. We have already made subtle changes to be more health conscious. If your interested in more as to what we have done, or plan to do, please reach out and let men now. We will continue to explore many different options to introduce healthy alternatives to our menu.

5. Community Award: I still don’t have the words to describe “that” moment. Read our full story (Read Here). As we are reflecting on our 2 years, this will likely go down as the #1 highlight of the year. We can hope to continue to have this great of an impact to our community.

Those are just a few key highlights from a packed, fun filled 2nd year. We know one thing for certain; We couldn’t do it without all of you. Furthermore, if your reading this, we thank you, you are amongst our most loyal customers. We thank you for your appreciate you show us when you see our hard work. We thank you for your patience when things get out of whack. We thank you for the feedback when you find ways we can improve. Together, collectively, we can all make a difference. As the strength of the partnership grows between our customers and us so does the difference that we make to all those that we impact.

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