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This Must Be A Dream

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This Must Be A Dream

There are many times when we get caught up in the day to day. We put the priority on the tasks and the to do lists. All of our efforts are go go go to ensure that we meet the necessary demands of running a business. Every once in a while we have to take a step back, take a deep breath, and realize WHY we are doing all this. We have to stay true to our mission and our core.


Well, for us, we got the surprise of a lifetime, when we were absolutely blown away by what was about to happen. That step back and reminder of WHY we do what we do was all put into perspective for us.


A normal day for us consists of early morning prep work, as early as 5am. We prepare for our busy days ahead. For Dave and I, it’s a call on the phone for a quick strategy on how to handle the upcoming day or week. Except, this day, our early morning would be much different than expected.


We were asked to attend a morning assembly at Winslow Schools. All the faculty and staff members of Winslow, along with the superintendent of schools were present. It was quite a crowd and quite an event. Now, being invited to an event like this, we had a general idea that something fun was going to happen, we just didn’t quite know to what extent.


After a few introductions, a few speakers, and great dialogue, there was an award that was being presented by the superintendent; It was the Community Service Award. The Award gets presented to a business that has made positive contributes to the community and creates positive impacts. What happened next was enough to leave both Dave and I speechless (that never happens) and enough to bring tears to my eyes.


Dave was asked to come up to the stage where he was handed this incredible award for our contributions and impacts we had in the community. He got up, and walked down the aisle overwhelmed with emotion. We were honored. But it didn’t stop there. As Dave got up to accept this award, one by one, EVERYONE in the room got on there feet and applauded in the manner of a standing ovation. The energy was electric and the room got loud. It was a lot to take in during that short walk to stage.


Now, picture this. We sit around a room each week, we talk on the phone for days and days, and we create plans on how we can help support those around us. When you have an entire staff on their feet for YOU, because of our impact to the community, let me just say …we have had NO better moment in our tenure. And we simply want to take this moment, build on the momentum, continue to learn and continue to give back! Today, was a special day for us!

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