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We’re Fighting Back; And This Time It’s Personal

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We’re Fighting Back; And This Time It’s Personal

We’re fighting back; and this time it’s personal

I’ve contemplated sharing this for quite some time. However, now, I know its not only the right time, it’s also the right thing to do. Here is a precursor (which will make more sense later on.). There are 2 things in this life that I am just not good at, like at all. The first, fixing anything. Most guys can maneuver around things to get them, well, manageable. Not me, I break them more. The fix: Find a wife who fixes everything. All pride aside problem solved ☺ Now, number 2. Asking for help. It’s not my strong suit. I’ve always worked hard for everything I have, and I’ve always figured it out. Asking others continues to remain a big opportunity. Now, the fix: Here’s why it matters more than ever before.

For those that know the business side of my story, know that I’ve always accepted a big challenge. I actually welcome it. Running my own business was just something I’ve desired to do for a very long time. That continues to remain true even after a couple years of this adventure. There is another important side to why I do what I do, a challenge we were presented with that was bigger than anything I could have been prepared for and that challenge offers more motivation than I could ever describe in one blog post.

We have 3 young boys; they are 8, 6, and 3. They are magnificent, and teach me new things every single day. Here’s where things get interesting. Our middle child, Caden, was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 3 years old. I’ve written about his story many times, but each and every time I start to write, those feelings I had when we were first given the news come roaring back. Sitting in that office, with the gentle voiced, compassionate doctor, delivering the information that would ultimately shape our life into what it is today. We were scared, we were overwhelmed, yet, we were determined. Caden started off this Epileptic adventure having more than 200 seizures a month (yes you read that right). As a family, we needed to make dramatic changes, and fast, just so this little boy could have some sort of quality of life. This is when things started to change.

Owning my own business was somewhat secondary. Here’s what I mean. Running the business was my dream, and my goal. That goal got put on the back burner. Caden being seizure free was my ultimate destination now. That same tenacity I have for running a successful business is about 1000x stronger getting this kid healthy. Every single seizure changes you just a little bit more than the last. It was early on when I realized the magnitude of how Caden was changing us, for the better. It didn’t matter if he had 1 seizure, or 30, Caden was, well, Caden. Compassionate and loving. It’s just who he is. Seriously? What human can have 200 seizures and love as much as he does? I’ve literally never seen anything like it in my entire life. What the hell do I have to be angry about? There isn’t a single scenario that’s bigger than what he goes through. Mess up a food order? Wait times get to long? Not hit a few financial targets? None of it was even in close comparison to what I was witnessing. He changed my perspective overnight. My priorities shifted.

He forced me to look at myself and my level of compassion. How we love and care for one another. If I can master that, which I know I will if I continue to watch him grow, I can crush any goal, because I will be guided with a no fail plan and a forever attitude of gratitude. And yes, Caden’s already won if that was his mission in this life. All 5 of us are better people because of him.

I’m happy to say that as of today we are making huge progress. Caden is down to just a handful of seizures a week. Yes, too many, but his quality of life is improving. He’s starting kindergarten like any typical kid would, he falls off his bike, and has a massive 6 year old attitude problem. We did this almost solely on diet alone. By the time we are done, that’ll be the cure. This is why health is so deeply rooted into what we do. That’s why we explore healthier alternatives. We have witnessed first hand the power our food can have on the human body. We have essentially become health experts, and we have Caden to thank for that.

Why write about this now? Here’s why. I made a commitment to Caden that I would be his voice throughout this journey. He has gotten me out of my quiet shell and forced me to be more vocal where it matters. I’m taking things that I’m very passionate about and becoming much more vocal (Health and Fitness). We are Epilepsy advocates now. We push ourselves farther than ever before. We watch his fight, and he pushes us to step outside of our comfort zone into a world that scares the hell out of us. Which is what brings me here today.

My wife and I signed up to run the Marine Corp Marathon (ranked one of the best marathons in the country), and we will be running it as part of the Athletes vs. Epilepsy Team created by the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

For those that have run a marathon, you know just how intense they are. For those that haven’t, congrats on using logic, and not :). This challenge is gladly accepted. Every single step we take that day will represent our journey that we are on, the fight we are willing to put up, and the attitude that no matter how hard the challenge, we will never stop until we cross the finish line and Caden is seizure free.

Here is where we turn to you for help. We must raise funds in order to race. All the proceeds go to the Epilepsy Foundation of America. We must raise awareness to continue to this fight. Not only for Caden, but the millions of people who suffer from Epilepsy. We ask you to join in our fight. The shop will be donating $1.00 for every whoopie pie sold for the month of September! Add one to your order, or for someone else, and know that you are making a major difference in the lives that are affected.

Thanks for reading!

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